Oral Hammaslääkärit Oulu

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mon-thu 8-20
fri 8-19
sat 10-14

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Our address

Kauppurienkatu 27, 90100 Oulu

Contact information

Centralized appointments tel. 010 400 3400
Oulu Clinic tel. 010 400 3620

Ways of payment

Bank card, credit card and Oral financing.

Route instructions

Kauppurienkatu 27 is between Mäkelininkatu and Koulukatu. The building is called Lääkäritalo, as also Mehiläinen and Botnia hospital operate there. Our dental office is on the third floor and there is an elevator in the building.


There is plenty of parking space close to the dental office.

Dentists and oral hygienists

Maarit Salonen-Kemppi, prosthodontics and bite physiology

Specialised dentist, prosthodontics and occlusal physiology, Doctor of Dentistry. Extensive occlusal therapy, implant prosthodontics, aesthetic dental care, occlusal physiology, FOK occlusal splints, snoring splints.

Jussi Korhonen
General dentist

I provide many types of dental care, including fillings, tartar removal, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction, fixed and removable prostheses, ceramic fillings and laminates. I have plenty of experience in treating patients with dental fear.

Hilkka Pernu, gingivitis and periodontitis

In addition to my field of specialisation, I provide normal comprehensive care and preventive and sustaining oral health care. My field of expertise covers treating occlusal problems related to loose teeth, tooth and gum surgery, gum transplants, aesthetic treatment, and treatment of peri-implant inflammation. The treatments are often extensive and cyclical and require cooperation with other specialised dentists and a dental hygienist. In conjunction with my teaching and research work, I have studied the connection between general health and dental diseases.

Hannele Pernu, gingivitis and periodontitis

I focus on treating gum and periodontal diseases. I also perform gum surgery, including regenerative periodontal surgery and retracted gum repair operations. In addition to my field of specialisation, I provide comprehensive dental care.
I provide filling and root canal therapy, aesthetic treatment, ceramic fillings and crowns and fixed and removable prostheses. I have also treated children and patients who have dental fear.
Appointments only through the centralised booking service.

Anneli Kauppi-Sulkala
General dentist

My work day primarily includes basic dental care: fillings, root canal therapy and gum treatment. I also provide some prosthodontics and aesthetic dental care.

Kristiina Oikarinen-Juusola, fillings and root canal therapy

Fillings and root canal therapy. In addition to my field of specialisation, I provide many types of comprehensive care, check-ups, dental repair, occlusal rehabilitation and preventive and sustaining oral health care.
Appointments only through the centralised booking service.

Petri Tiilikainen, prosthodontics and bite physiology

I perform preventive oral and dental care, including examinations, preventive and remedial caries treatment and gum treatments. Within the scope of my field of specialisation, I treat biting disorders and replace missing teeth with fixed bridge prostheses and removable prostheses. I cooperate with an oral surgeon to replace teeth with implant prostheses. Aesthetic measures, such as whitening, laminates and ceramic fillings are an interesting aspect of my work.

Kirsi Pirilä-Parkkinen, orthodontics

Orthodontist, Doctor of Dentistry.
I specialise in planning and implementing comprehensive treatment for occlusal problems as well as implementing demanding orthodontics, including maxillofacial surgery and the treatment of demanding malocclusion. I also perform aesthetic teeth straightening. I have experience in pediatric orthodontics.
Appointments only through the centralised booking service.

Leena Ylikontiola, oral and maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, doctor in dentistry, licentiate in medicine.I have received patients since 1996 with the single focus on therapy related to oral and maxillofacial surgery. I treat all kinds of patients in need of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Demanding bone transplant and implant treatments I plan in cooperation with a prosthetician. When needed I perform the treatments under general anesthesia.I am among the first Finnish members of ITI, the international implant organisation, as is my colleague Maarit Salonen-Kemppi, dental specialist in prosthodontics. Together  we plan demanding implant therapy as a cooperation between a surgeon and a prosthetician.

Saila Jurvakainen
Oral hygienist

My job description includes tartar, plague and stain removal, fluoride treatment and individual home care instructions and counselling. I am also trained to perform whitening treatments.

Eija Naapanki
Oral hygienist

Hello! I am calm, yet efficient, and with the skills and confidence acquired during my extensive work experience, I am capable of gently caring for the oral health of fear patients and those with a sensitive throat. If necessary, local anaesthesia can be used. My areas of expertise also include whitening, powder polishing, individual self-care
guidance and relaxing massage of the occlusion muscles.

Raine Oikarinen
General dentist

I provide a diverse range of dental care services, including fillings, gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, fixed and removable prostheses, ceramic fillings, front teeth laminates, tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction.
I also have extensive experience of treating patients with dental fear and pain patients as well as other emergency dental care.

Riitta Lithovius
General dentist

As a general dentist I provide a comprehensive range of dental procedures; oral and dental examinations, preventive dental care, fillings, root canal therapy, gum disease treatments and tooth extractions.

Maire Siemann
Clinic manager
Väinö Kurttila, oral and maxillofacial surgeon

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