Dental and oral examination and care

A healthy and regularly treated mouth is a prerequisite for the wellbeing of the body as a whole. Even a symptomless mouth and denture require regular checkups, often once a year. The earlier any problems are detected, the easier and cheaper they are to treat. Some oral diseases can be prevented by early detection. For instance, the advance of dental decay can be stopped with boosted home care.

If several years have passed since the last examination, good examination procedure involves taking an X-ray of the entire jaw region to detect any problems not visible to the eye. Such problems include cavities under old fillings or inflammations of the root tips.

In addition to the teeth, the examination also includes checking the mucous membranes and general functioning, wear and esthetic aspects of the teeth, and any other factors related to their functioning and appearance.

Treatment should be planned carefully and individually to have a permanent and durable effect. At Oral, we make an individual treatment plan and cost estimate at the examination visit, aiming to get the teeth in shape as effectively as possible while taking the patient’s needs into consideration.

The examination interval is often defined in more detail at the visit. Several general diseases and hormonal changes of the body, such as pregnancy, have an effect on the frequency of checkups. Diabetics, cardiac patients, rheumatics, cancer patients, organ transplant patients and other patients with chronic general diseases need intensified dental care. Contact us and find out how often you should have your teeth examined.

Any need for specialist lines of dentistry is also evaluated in connection with the care visit. Oral can offer services from all specialist lines, which enables flexible and effective comprehensive treatment.




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