Esthetic dental care

Esthetic dental care corrects shortcomings in the appearance of the teeth. This is achieved by tooth whitening, crowns, porcelain fillings, veneers that cover the tooth's surface or by using filling materials of the same color as the tooth.

Straightening as an adult?

Tooth whitening

Veneers and crowns


Other esthetic care

In addition to stains in the teeth, also abnormal tooth size, such as shortened teeth or widened gaps in the dental arch may be a source of concern and annoyance. Fixing these with either composite plastic materials or porcelain veneers is easy.

Old fillings may leak at the edges, discoloring them, or the filling material might no more be satisfactory esthetics-wise, and in these cases the old fillings can be removed and renewed. Modern dental materials are of a very high quality esthetically and unnoticeable, and a pleasant appearance of the teeth is a prime factor in the planning and realization of all care.

A tooth missing at a prominent spot in the dental arch can be unnoticeably replaced either with prosthetic solutions or an implant.

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