Glossary of dentistry

Abrasion Wearing of tooth near the gum line, e.g. as a result of excessively violent brushing
Abscess Collection of pus
Acrylic resin A plastic material used in dental care
Aftab A drug used for alleviating the symptoms of aphtae
Amalgam A material used in dental fillings
Antibiotic prophylaxis Antibiotic medication given prior to a procedure
Aphtha Ulceration of the oral mucosa
Attrition Wearing of teeth, e.g. due to grinding one´s teeth
Bacteremia Presence of bacteria in the blood
Biopsy Removal og a sample of tissue
Bite-Wing x-ray X-ray to check for decay
Bridge A prosthetic structure that can replace one or several missing teeth. A bridge is fixed to the adjacent teeth or implants.
Bruxism Tooth grinding, usually during sleep
Candida albicans Common cause of candidiasis (mycotic infection)
Cariogenesis Formation of carious lesions in a tooth; decay
Cariology The study of dental caries
Cavity The hole that is left in a tooth after decay has been removed
Cementum Tissue that covers the roots of teeth
Cleft lip (cheiloschisis) and cleft palate (palatoschisis) A congenital deformity in which the lip and the palate are not completely closed
Composite plastic A material used in fillings
Crown The part of a tooth that is visible. A prosthesis that replaces a single tooth.
Dental hygienist A dental professional who speliazices in oral hygiene and prevention of oral diseases
Dental implant Artificial root implanted in the bone, on which e.g. a croen is then built
Dental techinician Manufacturer of a variety of dental prosthetics
Dentin Part of the tooth between the enamel and pulp
Dentinal tubules Small canals filled eith liquid that run un the dentin
Diastema The space between teeth
DTP image Dental panoramic tomography image, an X-ray that covers the entire jaw area
Endodontics The branch of dentistry concerned with the treatment of the dental pulp
Erosion Wearing down of teeth, as a result of e.g. gastric acid or acidic soft drinks
Fissure Groove in the chewing surface of the teeth
Floss handle An instrument that makes it easier to insert floss in the mouth
Fluoride An element that strengthens enamel
General anesthesia A state of total unconsciousness resulting from general anesthetic drugs
Gingivitis Disease of the connective tissue of the teeth
Halitosis Bad breath
Hyposalivation Decreased flow of saliva
Incisors Front teeth
Labial herpes Cold sores caused by a virus
Leukoplakia A light- colored mucosal abnormality
Lichen planus A mucosal abnormality
Molars The back teeth
Mutans Streptococci A group of bacteria that is the cause of tooth decay
Neck of tooth The part of tooth between the crown and the root
Night guard A tooth guard used in the treatment of problems of occlusion
Orthodontics Straightening of the teeth
Osteotomy Surgical cuting of bone
Pedodontics The treatment of children´s teeth
Periapical radiograph An X-ray image of the root of a tooth
Pericoronitis An inflammation of the tissue around a partially erupted wisdom tooth
Periodontal (gingival) pocket The space between the tooth and the gum. Normally under 4mm
Periodontist A dental specialist who is specialized in diseases of the connective tissues of the teeth
Periodontitis A disease of the connective tissue of the teeth
Plaque Bacterial mass that builds up on teeth
Prosthesis Missing teeth can be replaced with prostheses. There are several different kinds, both fixed and removable
Prosthodontist A dental specialist who is specialized in prosthetics
Pulp The core of a tooth
Pulpitis Inflammation of the pulp
Root canal therapy Treatment if inflamed or damaged dental pulp
Secondary decay Tooth decay that occurs at the edges or under a filling
Sedative Medication that calms or soothes
Sjögren´s syndrome A disease of the connective tissue that causes e.g. dry mouth and eyes
Tartar Calcified plaque
Thrush, candidiasis An oral mycotic infection
Total prosthesis A removable dental prosthesis used when alla teeth are missing
Titanium Metal not rejected by the body that is used in dental implants
Ultrasonic scaler A device used in removing tartar
Veneers (laminate) A veneer bonded to the front surface of a tooth
Xerostomia Dry mouth
Xylitol A sweetener that bacteria causing tooth decay cannot use as nutriment

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