Occupational dental care

Occupational dental care is an arrangement whereby a company pays for an employee’s dental care either fully or partially. Ordinary dental care performed as occupational dentistry is a tax deductible expense for the company and a tax-free benefit for the employee. The extent and arrangement of care can always be agreed flexibly on a company-specific basis. The main idea is that the personnel's dental care can be arranged as occupational dental care, which benefits both the company and the employees.

Dental care is a part of maintaining one’s ability to work, and when the treatment is regular, less time and money is consumed. In addition, the KELA allowance for dental care decreases the company’s costs. Arranging dental care reduces employees' absences due to sickness and therefore improves their performance.

The prerequisite for an occupational dentistry agreement is that the company has made a written decision on offering occupational dental care to its employees. The decision should indicate the extent to which the employees’ dental care will be compensated, and in addition the benefit must be ordinary, reasonable and apply to all employees. Under these conditions, the company may itself determine the treatment procedures compensated.

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