Beautiful, healthy mouth packages

Oral health has several effects on overall health. Many systemic diseases, on the other hand, can be manifested in the mouth. For this reason, taking care of oral hygiene promotes both oral health and overall health.

Beautiful, healthy mouth packages

Choose the Beautiful, healthy mouth package that best suits your needs for easy dental care.
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- Clean, healthy mouth
- Beautiful smile
- Whitening consultation
- Healthy, white teeth 

Make an appointment or ask for more information at +358 (0)10 400 3400. The packages are not available in our web booking system at the moment.


Clean, healthy mouth

Are you worried about your oral health? Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? You might have a gingivitis and you should seek care.

This package can help you gain control over your oral health. Start taking care of your oral health today with this package.

- dental examination
- tartar removal by a dental hygienist
- paste cleaning
- fluoride treatment, as necessary
comprehensive home care instructions.

Other procedures you might need (e.g. X-ray imaging) are not included in the price. 

The currently effective Kela reimbursement is reduced from the price (EUR 45.50). List price EUR 213.90/221.9 before the Kela reimbursement.





Beautiful smile

Are you headed to a party, trip or another important event where you need your smile to shine?

This package makes your teeth clean and shining easily and quickly.

- removal of surface stains





Whitening consultation

Are you thinking about whitening your teeth and looking for more information? What are your expectations for the whitening and what kind of a whitening would you prefer?

This service package helps you choose the appropriate option for whitening your teeth in order to ensure the best possible results.

- assessment of your gums and teeth for the purpose of the whitening
- facts about different whitening methods
- instructions to follow before and after the whitening





Healthy, white teeth

Would you like to have whiter teeth? Do you have stains caused by smoking, red wine, coffee or tea on your teeth? Do you wish you could have your white, radiant smile back?

This package offers you a personal whitening plan. We only use safe laser equipment that is intended for teeth whitening.

- dental examination
- tartar removal by a dental hygienist (45 min.)
- paste cleaning
- whitening assessment
- laser whitening






The prices do not include costs for consultation or care by a dental specialist or X-ray imaging. Service charge is included in the price.
The packages are not available at the Oral Rovaniemi or Suusepät offices.

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