Treatment of gum diseases

 The periodontist’s primary task is to treat severe inflammations in the jaw bone surrounding the teeth. Often, such purulent inflammations are treated with gingival surgery (flap surgery). In the operation, the gum tissue surrounding the teeth is folded away from the surface of teeth under good anesthesia. When the gum tissue is not in the way, the surfaces of the tooth root can be cleaned thoroughly. At the same time, inflamed tissue is removed from the gum flap, ensuring that the remaining healthy gum adheres back onto the surface of the tooth. In some cases, removal of tartar alone produces the same result.

Receding gums or overgrowth of gum tissue can also be treated surgically. The gum surrounding the teeth or a separate graft taken from the palate can be used in repairing the recessions. If necessary, various techniques can be used to add bone around the teeth.





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