Children’s Oral, Erottaja

Professional paediatric dental care

Definitely child-friendly dentist

A paediatric clinic, Children’s Oral, that is specifically intended for children is located at the Oral Erottaja office. At Children’s Oral, there are always child-friendly dentists and dental hygienists.

At Children’s Oral there are four paediatric dental care specialists: Heikki Alapulli, My Blomqvist, Krista Brander-Aalto and Elisa Ronkainen. In addition, Anu Kentala is a dental specialist, orthodontics and Arian Riatson is a dental hygienist at the clinic.

You will find that Children’s Oral has expertise in preventive dental care regarding teeth and mouth complications, such as developmental disturbances in teeth. Our goal at Oral is to let children grow up with the healthiest teeth possible and no dental fear. This is why a professional using the latest dental care technologies is taking care of your child.

Information regarding children’s dental examination here.

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