With the CEREC instrument, a ceramic filling or crown can be provided during a single appointment. With this technique, it is even possible to repair all of the patient’s incisors at a single appointment without temporary solutions!

CEREC is a computer-guided CAD/CAM system that makes it possible to quickly repair a tooth so that it looks natural. The finished filling looks and feels just like your own teeth.

Manufacturing the filling or crown with CEREC begins by making an optic replica of the teeth with an intraoral camera. The computer designs 3D models that are then honed mechanically at the clinic. After this, the dentist attaches the filling or crown.

This technology makes the treatment quick and easy for the patient. The ceramic filling is durable and attractive compared to plastic materials. Unlike plastic, the ceramic material will not turn yellow over time.

Benefits of a CEREC filling and crown

  • Natural colour
  • Will not turn yellow over time, also long-life and durable
  • Finished during the same appointment
  • Clearly more affordable than a laboratory-made ceramic filling
  • A cost-efficient option, because being long-life, it lasts longer than plastic fillings


At Oral, state-of-the-art CEREC systems are available at the City, Erottaja, Hakaniemi, Imatra, Joensuu, Kamppi, Lahti, Oulu Galleria, Pori, Savonlinna, Tampere Sumeliuksenkatu, Tapiola and Korso, Vantaa. At clinics without a Cerec system, ceramic fillings and crowns can also be made at a laboratory.