Abrasion Wear on the teeth near the gumline, for example as a result of excessive toothbrushing
AbscessPus that has built up within the tissue
Aphthous ulcer Ulcer in oral mucosa
AftabMedication to mitigate symptoms of aphtous ulcers
AcrylicA plastic used in dental care
AmalgamDental filling material
Antibiotic prophylaxis Antibiotic medication administered before a procedure
AttritionTooth wear caused by e.g. grinding the teeth
BacteremiaThe presence of bacteria in the bloodstream
BiopsyExtraction of sample tissues
Bite-wing X-ray An X-ray used to check for decay
BruxismGrinding of the teeth, often at night
Candida albicans A common source of yeast infections
Dentine Calcified tissue in the tooth between the enamel and pulp
Dentinal tubules Microscopic channels in the dentine, filled with fluid
DiastemaA gap between teeth
EndodonticsDental specialty concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp
ErosionTooth wear caused by e.g. gastric acid or acidic soft drinks
FissureA groove in the masticatory surface of a tooth
FluorineAn element that strengthens tooth enamel
GingivitisA disease of the periodontal tissue
HalitosisBad breath
Dental implant Dental bone-implantable artificial root, on which e.g. the crown will be built
Cementoenamel junction The ‘neck’ of the tooth, the area between the crown and root
TartarHardened plaque
CementumA calcified substance covering the root of a tooth
Dental technician A person who constructs various prosthetic devices
Orofacial cleftCongenital malformation in which the lip and the palate are not completely closed
Cold sores Infection by the herpes simplex virus
HyposalivationReduced secretion of saliva
Periodontal pocket The space between the tooth and the gum. Normally less than 4 mm
IncisorsFront teeth
Root canal therapy Treatment of infected or damaged pulpa
Dental caries Tooth decay that causes dental cavities
CariologyThe study of dental caries
CavityThe pit that remains after the removal of tooth caries
Complete denture Removable dental prosthesis, used when all the teeth are missing
CrownThe visible part of the tooth. Prosthesis to replace a single tooth
XerostomiaDry mouth syndrome
Xylitol A sugar alcohol used as a sweetener. Bacteria causing tooth decay cannot use it for food.
Dental laminatesVeneers attached to the front surface of teeth
Floss pick A device to facilitate the use of dental floss
LeukoplakiaA white patch on a mucous membrane
Lichen planus A lesion in the lining of the mouth
MolarsThe large, flat teeth at the back of the mouth
Mutans streptococci Bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities
OsteotomySurgical operation on bone
PeriodontitisA disease of the periodontal tissue
Periodontist A dentist specialised in periodontics
PedodontiaPediatric dentistry, children’s dental care
Pericoronitis Inflammation of the tissues surrounding a partially erupted wisdom tooth
Periosafe test Periosafe is an enzymatic test from saliva to determine if a patient is suffering from gum disease
PlaqueMass of bacteria on dental surfaces
Periapical X-ray An X-ray of the root of a tooth
Dental prosthesis Missing teeth can be restored with dental prostheses. There are many different prostheses, which can be fixed permanently or removable
ProsthodontistA dentist specialised in prosthetics
Panoramic radiograph A panoramic scanning dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaw
Pulp The part in the centre of a tooth
PulpitisInflammation of dental pulp tissue
Occlusal splint A device for the treatment of malocclusion
Oral candidiasis A fungal infection that occurs in the mouth; oral thrush
Secondary caries Recurrent caries that occurs around or under a filling
BridgeA dental prosthesis used to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Attached to adjacent teeth or dental implants.
Sjögren syndrome A connective tissue disorder that causes dryness of the mouth and eyes, amongst other symptoms
Dental hygienist An expert in oral health and prevention of oral diseases
TitaniumA metal used in dental implants not rejected by the body
Ultrasound machine A device used in tartar removal
Composite filling A dental filling material
General anesthesia Medically induced unconsciousness