Treatment by a dental hygienist is always based on an examination, treatment plan and follow-up carried out by a specialised dentist, which means you will be reimbursed by Kela for the dental hygienist’s treatment. You can also make an appointment directly with a dental hygienist, in which case Kela will not reimburse you for the treatment. Nor will Kela reimburse you for aesthetic dental care.

Dental hygienist’s services

Tartar removal is one of the dental hygienist’s tasks in the care team.

With regard to aesthetic dental care, the dental hygienist’s tasks include removing stains from the tooth surfaces, carrying out whitening treatments at the practice, providing instructions for at-home whitening and attaching tooth jewellery.

The dental hygienist will guide you to good self-care for your teeth and help you choose suitable care products and equipment, taking into account any systemic diseases, dry mouth problems, sensitive teeth and other potential problems.

Other dental hygienist’s services include rehabilitation massage of masticatory muscles, determining the causes of caries, carrying out fluoride and chlorhexidine treatments and saliva tests, assessing dietary habits and providing information about healthy nutrition.

Dental hygienist education

A dental hygienist is an expert in the promotion of oral health and early treatment of dental and oral diseases.

Dental hygienists study at universities of applied sciences in the Oral Hygiene degree programme.
At Oral, dental hygienists are part of a dental care team consisting of a dentist/nurse work pair, dental hygienist and specialised dentists