Customer service

“Oral dentists are professional and it is easy to visit them for a check-up. I have a check-up every year by the same familiar dentist.”

“First time at Oral. Fast and good service! Not going to be the last time :)”

“My tooth was very sensitive, but I managed to book an appointment for the same day and first aid was quick. Follow-up care was also arranged quickly. Oral knows their stuff.”

“The service provided by Oral’s dentists, nurses and dental hygienists is professional and gentle. I can forget all about my unpleasant childhood experiences of dentists!”

“My tooth chipped. A competent Oral dentist fixed my tooth very quickly. Thanks to the professional dentist.”

“I discovered a calm and competent dentist at Oral Hakaniemi. The appointments there are always pleasant.

“I have always received gentle dental care at Oral!”

“I was visiting Oral for the first time when I was invited to a room by a young ‘girl’. I thought that she was an intern of some sort when I noticed that she was actually my dentist. I wanted to run away, thinking that youngsters won’t touch my mouth However, the dental care was the best, most friendly and painless care I have ever received!”

“The best aspects of service are customer-orientation and dedication to the patient’s treatment! My dentist at Oral even had an appointment with me during her maternity leave to treat my demanding and ‘difficult’ tooth, although she was not seeing any other patients during her leave! I consider this to be exquisite service. I have always managed to book an appointment whenever I need one. The booking has been flexible and appointments can be made in a very short period of time, for which I am very grateful. Satisfied customers always come back… ;)”

“My dentist’s appointment was successful due to Oral’s excellent website, easy booking, long opening hours and very friendly competent workers.”

“I have visited Oral many times. It is always the same experience: relaxing atmosphere, friendly people, skilled hands!”

“I have received very friendly and good service at Oral Järvenpää for the past few years I have got to visit them!”

“The best service and treatment I have received was definitely at Oral. ‘My Oral’ is in Hakaniemi, and their staff is always friendly and competent. The dentists are also friendly, they chat with me and tell me what they are doing.”

“That lovely room with a view in Hakaniemi and the dentist who is always explaining in understandable language what is found in my mouth =)”

“My incisor’s filling went loose in the summer heat, and I managed to get an instant booking at Oral Töölö. The matter was resolved quickly and professionally.”

“When I visited an Oral dentist’s practice, the process was very fast, and I received treatment immediately when I needed it. The dentist was an expert. I received good and friendly service. The treatment was high-quality. The dental hygienist’s performance was also excellent. I also received good and friendly service from the customer service. Everyone gets an excellent grade.”

“I have visited a dental hygienist and a dentist at Oral Itäkeskus frequently. Compared to other service providers, Oral is the best and their staff is friendly and professional.”

“My tooth chipped, and when I smiled, I looked like an ice hockey player with missing teeth. 🙂 I managed to book a quick appointment at Oral Lahti, and the tooth was fixed fast and professionally.”

“A large chunk of my tooth went loose at 6 p.m. I did not know if it was a part of the tooth or filling, and panicking, I called Oral immediately asking for an appointment. I was afraid of toothache at night. The appointment was made for the same night, and in 1.5 hours, the tooth was already filled! I have visited Oral Tapiola already before the practice was incorporated into the Oral group. I don’t feel like changing as it is such a good place :)”

“I visited an Oral dentist before my heart surgery. The root of a tooth was suspicious and the tooth was removed.Other teeth were cleaned and my occlusion was improved. The treatment was good and painless, I was satisfied.”

“I visited Oral Tikkurila due to my fear of dental care, but my fear was alleviated immediately at the reception desk because the customer service was so magnificent.”

“Visiting Oral Nummela is quite pleasant. The staff is friendly, it is almost like seeing your friends.”

“I changed to Oral and the space between my teeth that had been troublesome for years was fixed”

“I have had several experiences of using Oral’s services. The experience has always surpassed my expectations. One experience I had was in Oral Tikkurila, where I managed to book a quick appointment when my filling came loose and I was going on a holiday. I was unfamiliar with the clinic’s location, and I did not read the map correctly. I was driving around Tikkurila, unable to find the correct location. When the appointment was nearing, I called the reception and stated that I could not find my way there. The person in reception was dedicated to my problems and guided my way as a telephone navigator. The dentist saw me even though I was late and fixed my tooth in a record time so that the next patient did not have to wait because I was late. And my holiday was saved!”

“I have always felt welcome when I visit Oral for a regular check-up or because of a problem. I am always welcomed by a friendly staff. I am always told what is happening during a check-up and what is the situation, and I do not need to worry about anything and wonder what is going on. Upcoming procedures are always described in detail, and a cost estimate is also provided. For such a worrying kind person that I am, the appointments I have had at Oral have been very positive. Thanks!”

“After over 20 years of being treated by my previous dentist, I changed to Oral after I got tired of not being able to have appointments on weekends and not receiving care quickly when I needed it. Depending on the specialised treatment, I have now visited three different dentists at Oral, received care quickly when necessary and on weekends as well. I now have frequent appointments with my regular dentist (a lovely lady, by the way) The entire staff greets me kindly and the service is smooth. Thank you all!!!”

“Stuff happens – even to your teeth! One morning I was working at a high desk, sipping water from my bottle. Suddenly, my arm decided to perform an additional detour of a couple of centimetres, and the mouth of the bottle crashed into my incisor, chipping a piece of it. After a brief moment of feeling sorry myself, I called Oral, and an appointment was arranged in a couple of hours. I did not need to cope with a chipped tooth that longer, as my tooth was fixed very quickly. You always value quick services when you receive them!”

Aesthetic dental care

“Oral made my wedding day beautiful by fixing my incisor and the actual costs corresponded to the given estimates. Thanks!”

“I was terribly ashamed of my smile before, because my teeth were crooked and in an uneven line. I avoided smiling because of this. Finally, I decided to do something about it and get a nice, beautiful smile. I am almost at my objective thanks to Oral’s dentists, and my life includes smiling once again. :)”

Dental fear

Dental fear is extremely common. Possible reasons for dental fear include earlier painful or otherwise bad experiences. At Oral, we will help you find the most suitable method of painless dental care.

“I have been fearful of dentists my entire life (49 years). The fear was gone after my first visit at Oral!” Thanks to their magnificent dentists!”

“I have been fearful of dentists my entire life. A couple of years ago I ended up being Oral’s customer in Nummela, when the municipal dental clinic gave me an outsourcing voucher to have my wisdom teeth removed. Oral Nummela has a customer-oriented atmosphere; customers are greeted and wished a very good morning in the early hours. The dentists and nurses are naturally friendly. Whenever I have had regular check-ups or procedures, the dentists has always kept me informed about what is going to happen and explained what the technical terms mean. Nobody judges you if you have been lazy in brushing your teeth, but you are instructed and guided in a friendly manner. Because of my good experiences and the wonderful service, I have noticed that the quality is worth paying a little extra. This is why I will not use any other services besides Oral’s, and I am sharing my good experiences whenever it is possible.”

“No need to be afraid of dentists anymore as Oral Oulu has such gentle dentists. :)”

“Oral has the only dentist I do not fear.”

“I overcame my fear of dentists when I visited Oral. When I was told about different alternatives to remove my fear, I wasn’t afraid to become their patient and I did not feel anxious. The dentist told me what was going on and talked with me. It made me feel calm and confident. I have told everyone about my treatment, and now my husband visits Oral Tikkurila as well.”

“I have been afraid of dentists all my life, and I was already scared by the smell of a dental practice. I booked an appointment at Oral, and I can say that the experience was almost pleasant. I hope my dentist will never retire or change professions. :)”

“My dental fear was so intense that I used to cry when I left appointments. My fear was taken seriously at Oral, and after the first appointment I did not need to worry about the following visits because everything has gone so smoothly, even the wisdom tooth removal!”

“I am very afraid of dentists, but the experience I had at Oral was the most delightful one I have had in my life. The staff was kind and calm, and they were constantly telling me about what was happening. I was not even afraid to have my tartar removed a second time.”

“I have been afraid of dentist ever since I was in school. Now, one of my teeth was badly chipped and I was scared to visit a dentist because of my great fear. I worried about it night and day for a very long time, until I read about dental care for patients with dental fear at Oral’s website, and I summoned the courage to book an appointment online. Thanks to the lovely dentist and nurses, I realised that this was not so horrible. The most terrible thing about the whole process was that I was constantly worried about the condition of my mouth and my body before my appointment. My experience at Oral was altogether positive, and I will continue to use their services and recommend their services to everyone.

“Every appointment I’ve had over the years has been successful… I haven’t had any sleepless nights worrying about the next appointment!Thank you Oral Hyvinkää.”

“I used to be hysterical and shaking, until I found out that Oral’s dentists are specialised to treat patients with dental fear. No fear anymore!”

“Every appointment at Oral has been successful! They are considerate towards patients with dental fear and they treat teeth so fast that you do not almost notice it at all. 🙂 here’s a girl whose fear might be overcome…Thank you for that! :)”

“My dentist has earned my trust. I am no longer afraid to sit in the chair. The terrible experiences I had when I was in school caused my dreadful fear of dentists. The fear was overcome at Oral.”

“I have been afraid of dentists until I found a dentist at Oral who helped me get past my worst anxiety. Check-ups are now easier for me and I am not afraid anymore.”

“Oral Espoo spring 2013, I am an adult who is afraid of dentists. I booked an appointment for a patient with dental fear, and I got one for the same or the next day. Two very lovely men were there to receive me, and they were considerate although I was almost unable to breathe. I was extremely afraid. The result of my check-up was that there were no cavities in my teeth, but I had some tartar, and the dentist asked me if it could be removed immediately so that I would not have to book a second appointment. I believe that when my next appointment is approaching, I will not stay up all night before it. It is excellent how you take patients with dental fear into consideration.”

“I have always been very afraid of dentists. Oral’s services were kind and quick. I had dental care under general anaesthesia last week, and now my teeth are once again in good condition and white. I liked your professional and quick services. I haven’t smiled so freely in a long time!”

“A middle-aged woman with dental fear… One of those things you do NOT want to proclaim publicly. I found out that Oral takes patients with dental fear into special account and decided to have a go. It was alright, in the end. Not particularly enjoyable, but at least I was not shaking while waiting. I am still anxious about dentists’ appointments, but my fear has been eased by the fact that I can talk about it (without the amused “there’s nothing to be afraid of” reaction) and that the staff acknowledges it. Thank you, Tampere!”

“For about 16 years of my life, I have been afraid of dentists, and I have had to skip appointments because of my fear (for several years). My mother hinted that I should try Oral’s services, and a bit terrified, I managed to book an appointment and realised that there was nothing to be afraid of when I visited the clinic. There is a very competent and pleasant dentist in Tapiola, Espoo, who I have been visiting for 4 years now, and I am extremely satisfied. I am still afraid and anxious, but my fear is considerately acknowledged and no one is trying to talk it down. I am always cheered by my dentist both before and after my appointment. The appointments proceed under my conditions, and me and my dentist have special hand signals I can use to show that I need a little break to breathe. Although I am still afraid and anxious, I have never felt pain during my visits. My dentist asks about my feelings constantly, and it calms me down enormously. I have been very happy and lucky that I have found a dentist who understands me and I am not afraid to visit. There are no gentler, more understanding or lovelier dentists. My whole family visits the same dentist now.”

“I had the courage to book an appointment at an Oral dentist for patients with dental fear. I had never before visited a dentist who was so calm and confident, and the anaesthesia injection did not hurt. I have been extremely afraid of anaesthesia needles due to a dentist at a health centre, who injected the needle in my palate with an awful crunch. It hurt and made me afraid of needles. Now, I am afraid to visit dentists other than the one at Oral in whose skills I trust.”

“I was afraid of dentists’ appointments, but when I moved to Porvoo, I found a dentist I was not afraid of. The dentist in question works at Oral.”

“I have been afraid of dentists for several years, but I finally managed to book an appointment. At Oral, my teeth were fixed by a competent, professional and trustworthy dentist. I have overcome my fear of dentists and I can smile freely. Thank you, Oral!”

“I visited an Oral dentist for the first time here in Joensuu this autumn, and my visit was very pleasant! I am afraid of dentists and I managed to tell this to my dentist. The dentist told me what was happening, which helped alleviate my anxiety. A very successful dental appointment! I want to visit the same dentist at Oral every time from now on, and I will book an appointment every year. And as the appointment booking has been made easy also for us with fears, I can do it easily online. Extra points for that!”

“My fear of dentists developed in the 1970s, when I was tortured by school dentists. I have learnt by practice that Oral’s premises and staff make visiting dentists possible again. I have also found my regular dentist, on whose actions and statements I trust completely.”

“I am very afraid of dental appointments: the anaesthesia takes its time, I constantly feel like I am choking, and the whole thing is altogether unpleasant. There is a kind, patient and a sort of magical dentist at Oral Lahti. For the first time in my life, I had a pleasant experience at a dental appointment. Humane treatment. :)”

“At Oral, I found a really good dentist for the first time in my life. I was not afraid the slightest bit. We developed a good doctor-patient relationship.”

“I have always been afraid of dentist, but when I visited Oral the first time, I was welcomed very kindly and the staff acknowledged my fear. The treatment was painless, thank you for that =)”

“A few years ago, I had avoided dental appointments for way too long because of my fear. At some point I came to my senses and booked an appointment at Oral. I’d say it was a successful visit because my teeth were treated without causing any further trauma, and I have visited there often afterwards without any significant fear.”



Jaana: A missing tooth was replaced with an implant

“I was diagnosed with a missing mandibular front tooth already in primary school. My dentist told me that the milk tooth would not last all my life. The roots of the milk tooth began to deteriorate when I was 19, and after a few years I felt pain in my mouth. There was a minor inflammation next to the tooth. Going to the dentist, I already knew what to expect.

The tooth was in bad shape and inflamed, so it had to be removed immediately. I was still young, so a dental implant was almost the only option. Had the tooth not been replaced, the other teeth in the upper and lower jaw could have shifted, which probably would have caused malocclusion. The treatment itself was not painful, except for the little pain from the local anesthesia. What with the inflammation, the extraction of the old tooth naturally caused a little pain, as the local anesthetic could not be administered everywhere.

I believe that most people did not even notice the missing tooth, or at least they never mentioned it. When I watch old photos, the missing tooth shows if I am smiling in the picture. In my case, it was easier to handle the matter as I always knew the situation was temporary.

I hardly ever think about the missing tooth anymore—though I have to say that if someone mentions a dentist, my first thought is usually the implant treatment.
When I brush my teeth the implant feels like one of my own teeth, so I am very happy with my new tooth.”

Anni: Dentures at the age of 21

“I was given dentures at the age of 21; this was in 1969. At that time, it was not uncommon since people did not have toothpaste or toothbrushes.
If there was a problem with a tooth, it was not actually treated: the tooth was just pulled out. When I was about 15, all my molars had been pulled out. You would go to see the dentist who agreed to give you dentures immediately after your teeth had been pulled. Normally you would have to wait for three months.

During the 48 years of our marriage, my husband has seen me without my teeth only once. The worst thing would be if I could not wear dentures at all.
I cannot eat anything hard, and my lower denture is easily dislocated.”

Tarja: Had I known about funding possibilities, I would have sought treatment earlier

“For me, the worst thing is to think that I am seen as a person who has not taken care of her teeth. Since I lost my milk teeth I have never had teeth on either side of my upper jaw. However, my friends said they never even noticed the missing teeth.

My biggest frustrations came from numerous dentist’s appointments, where I was always told that I do not need new teeth to replace the missing ones. For years, I believed and accepted it. But all that time, I was ashamed of my teeth.

Financially, implant treatment seemed to be out of my reach, so I tried to figure out how to get treatment. In the end I was advised to pretend that I could not properly pronounce the S sound in order to get a referral. I am finally in the implant treatment process and am awaiting a crown to be attached. Had I known about the other funding possibilities, I would have sought treatment years earlier.”

Henriikka: A childhood accident eventually led to an implant

“I was twelve when one of my front teeth broke on a playground slide. It was initially repaired with a plastic material which had to be replaced several times as it came off. When I was twenty, the tooth became sore. It was discovered that the strong jolt had damaged the root of the tooth.

I received root canal therapy for the tooth, but my dentist warned me that at some point it would become necessary to replace the tooth with laminate or possibly an entirely new tooth, or dental implant. As the root of the tooth was dead, the colour difference between my front teeth became more pronounced over the years. I was surprised by how much darker the tooth became after the root canal therapy in the course of several years.

We eventually decided to replace the whole damaged tooth with an implant. After that, I finally felt that I had recovered my tooth.”

Elina: We easily forget our overall well-being

“Some three or four years ago, when I was on my summer vacation, I had a moment to stop and reflect on how I really felt. I felt pain in my lower jaw but I thought that there could not be anything wrong with my teeth, as I had just had root canal therapy.

I postponed going to see a dentist and soon found myself in a situation where I had been taking painkillers for two days in a row. When I got to the dentist, the situation was bad: I had a huge inflammation in my lower jaw and two of my teeth had to be removed.

We can easily forget and neglect our overall well-being, which today includes dental well-being as a very important factor.
I hope that when I place my own well-being in the hands of someone else in an area I do not know, they will take the matter seriously and look at the whole and tell, based on their expertise, what they see and what they think should be done. To me, that is caring about people.

It is no longer important to me what other people think of me, but it is, however, important that I can see myself as a person with normal teeth.
Fortunately, these things can be fixed so that I do not have to live the rest of my life without the lost teeth.”

Janne: An implant was the best solution

“It was the night of Good Friday, and before going to bed I decided to have a little snack. When I bit into a piece of hard bread I heard something snap and I immediately realised it was a tooth. The next morning I started thinking about where I could find a dentist. I got to see a dentist on Easter Saturday, and he said right off that the tooth could not be repaired satisfactorily.

I started looking in the mirror, grinning and grimacing, and trying to figure out how I felt about the missing tooth. I noticed that even though it was not a front tooth, but a tooth behind the canine, my laughter began to be more restrained. Having reflected on the aesthetic and functional discomfort, I gradually ended up deciding that an implant might be the best solution after all.”

Root canal therapy

“If root canal therapy can be described as pleasant, then my experience at Oral was very positive, and my recovery was painless! Professional services and care.”

“Long story short: When I was still in high school, one of my molar teeth was infected badly due to unknown causes, and it required root canal therapy. The treatment at Oral Jyväskylä began quite acutely after I had visited a public sector dentist for a couple of times without any solution to the problem. Even though I was an almost adult young woman, the pain in my tooth was so intense that I required someone to escort me to the dentist as I was not in this world due to the pain. The treatment began with drilling the tooth open, relieving the pressure and pain immediately. The proper root canal therapy process began after this, and it was performed by a dentist I did not know beforehand. This dentist treated (and is still treating) me with respect, relaxing me by telling me what is happening in my mouth and talking about my studies, which are very important to me. This kind of treatment has been completely new to me – the dentist sees me as a person and not as just another set of mouth and teeth. My dentist talks about my teeth beautifully, and nowadays I leave the appointment smiling. My dentist still remembers the moment almost 10 years ago when I visited the clinic for the first time, escorted by my mother. A joke made in good will is that I have grown a lot more courageous as I can visit the dentist alone nowadays.”

“I was suffering from intense dental fear. When it was time to undergo root canal therapy, I had headaches, migraines and I cried heavily for weeks in advance. I was kindly welcomed at Oral Erottaja, and the dentist assured me that the treatment would not cause any pain. This was actually true for the first time! A local anaesthetic was administered many times, but I did not try to get up from the chair even once.”

Pain and local anaesthesia

“Painless dental care at Oral with premedication!”

“The most painless filling I have received was performed at Oral. The filling was not sensitive afterwards.

“I have visited a dentist twice this month, and I cannot help but wonder how easily local anaesthesia can be administered. I did not feel a thing! My teeth are OK again, and I feel like I do not need to fear visiting Oral Mikkeli again.”

“I have a moderate fear of having my teeth filled, but when I visited Oral, even the injection of the needle did not feel bad because the dentist was so professional, competent and gentle. I will definitely come back when it is time for another check-up or if I feel that there are cavities in my teeth! Thank you so much!

“Really nice people work at Oral Itäkeskus, and the needle felt like a bite of a mosquito.”

Paediatric dental care

“My 6-year-old son gets a lot of cavities. One tooth was in so poor shape that it had to be removed. This was performed excellently at Oral. My son is very shy and sensitive, but the process was successful. A couple of cavities were drilled without anaesthesia last time because he did not want to have it, and it did not seem to hurt. :)”

“My daughter wore braces for one summer, after which it was time to visit Oral’s orthodontic dentist for a check-up. When we entered the dentist’s room, the dentist looked at my girl and immediately said: “I can see that you have been using the braces actively.” The girl was so pleased with these compliments and visible results, and everyone felt happy. :-)”

Wisdom tooth

“I have told many friends and acquaintances about how my wisdom tooth required surgical removal. The removal was performed by a specialist at Erottaja in a few minutes. I received antibiotics already before the procedure and some sick leave. The healing process was quick although the swelling lasted for some time and my jaw’s colour changed during the week. =) I have now managed to get my mother book an appointment at Oral for tomorrow, and hopefully she will be your next satisfied customer!”

“Both of my lower wisdom teeth were removed during the same appointment at Oral. The surgeon was really customer-oriented and told me constantly about what was happening, what caused a certain sound, what I was supposed to feel and I was not scared during the procedure at all, although I am a bit fearful of dental treatment.”

“Wisdom tooth removal can be extremely painful, but my fear of dentists was taken seriously at Oral. A lovely dentist understood my worries and calmed me before the operation. The dentist ensured several times that the anaesthesia was adequate. In the end, the removal was an easy and painless experience. I went home with the best smile I could perform due to the effective anaesthesia. I am no longer as afraid of dentists as I used to be! :)”

“I was very afraid of my wisdom tooth operation because the three previous ones had been very unpleasant experiences. The operation at Oral lasted less than 10 minutes which flew by when the dentist turned up the rock on the radio and started working calmly and confidently.”

Customer experiences on the Six Month Smiles orthodontic treatment

Merja’s story

Covering my teeth and avoiding smiling was how I lived my daily life for fifteen years. Along the years, the narrow spaces between my teeth and the position of my teeth became radically worse, and cleaning between the teeth at home became almost impossible. Another challenge I faced was my fear of operations due to bad experiences in my childhood.

I was under the impression that nothing could be done to help my teeth without using conventional braces. That would have required a treatment process of 2–3 years. I read about the Six Month Smiles method in spring 2013. The treatment method was suitable for me as the occlusion of my posterior teeth did not need to be changed.

I spent the first couple of weeks with my braces getting accustomed to them, and there were some good and some bad moments. However, my mouth got used to them surprisingly quickly and I managed to talk normally already on the second day. I used wax for a month because the braces were abrasive in some areas. In practice, I did not experience any sort of pain during the whole process.

The position of my teeth was already nearly ideal after two months, and after three months, it was entirely up to me to decide where I wanted to end the treatment. The straightening ended four months after its initiation. I was also given retainers that prevent the teeth from returning to their original position. The retainers are not visible to the outside.

Summarised, the speed of the treatment surpassed all of my expectations, and the costs agreed beforehand were accurate. However, the most valuable aspect of the process was that I was treated as an individual, my wishes were taken into account and my opinions were heard.

(Merja’s orthodontic treatment was performed by Krista Sivén, Oral Kuopio, Keskusta)

Tuula’s story

The orthodontic treatment did not hurt at all and the procedures in my mouth were performed very quickly. During the treatment process, I was amazed at how quickly the results began to show.

I couldn’t imagine that straightened and beautiful teeth can affect my appearance and willingness to smile more easily this much. Smiling with fixed teeth does not seem artificial in an error-free manner, but it looks naturally beautiful and personal.

I’ve really enjoyed buying colourful and impressive-looking lipsticks as I don’t need to be afraid to show what’s inside my lips anymore. Aesthetic treatment has had an encouraging and lasting effect on my self-esteem. In addition to feeling good, it is also easier and more fun to take care of my teeth. The careful dental hygiene procedures I learnt during the orthodontic treatment became a permanent part of my daily routine.

The time and money I have invested in my teeth have really been worthwhile, and I would do it all again if I had to.

(Tuula’s orthodontic treatment was performed by Krista Sivén, Oral Kuopio, Keskusta)

Hanne’s story

The spaces between my teeth were narrow and my teeth crooked, which had been disturbing me nearly throughout my adulthood, but I did not want any conventional braces in my mouth. I found the Six Month Smiles method online, which seemed like a discreet, fast and altogether excellent option for my criss-cross teeth. So I booked a consultation appointment. I was eligible for the Six Month Smiles method, and the treatment began in October 2013.

My initial reaction after installing the braces was a shock. I had trouble speaking, and eating was even more difficult. However, I got used to the braces quite quickly, and after a month, I did not have to think about them anymore. It surprised me how many people did not actually see my braces.

My teeth were quite sore for a few days after their tightening. It was interesting to see how pain can become a positive matter: when I felt pain and tightening, I knew that something was actually occurring in my teeth. The braces rubbed against the inside of my lips for the first month, but I used some wax to help the matter.

The process went by incredibly fast. The estimated duration for my treatment was nine months, but in the end, the process was already completed in about 4.5 months. I had dental appointments about every four weeks during the treatment, a little more frequently by the end of the process. I can’t believe that I got such a beautiful smile in less than six months! Now I can’t help but wonder why I did not start this process before.

All in all, I’m more than satisfied with the services I received. My dentist listened to my thoughts, hopes and fears. Previously, I’ve been afraid of dental appointments, but this process has helped me overcome my fear.

(Hanne’s orthodontic treatment was performed by Krista Sivén, Oral Kuopio, Keskusta)