We strive to ensure fluent dental work by offering centralised administrative services. These services enable dentists and the entire oral health care personnel at the practice to focus on clinical work with patients.

Our centralised services include, among others, medical support of clinical work for both dentists and dental hygienists. The support for clinical work helps and ensures that dentists can focus on clinical care. Our centralised booking services are available by phone and online. The centralised and real-time customer experience monitoring system is used to develop our operations and improve the level of our services. Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Our expertise in marketing, communications and concepts is available for all of our dentists. We ensure visibility in various channels by providing our customers with useful information about oral health care and benefits received from dental care purchases. The Bonus cooperation with S-Group and various service concepts bring in new patients. Personnel services provide good induction training practices, educate supervisors in employee coaching and develop operational models that increase occupational well-being. Our financial management is responsible for salaries and other financial tasks and statutory obligations. Centralised services also include the IT management and legal and procurement units.