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The Oral Hammaslääkärit dental laboratories Oral Hammaslaboratorio and Oral-Lindent offer prosthodontic services and perform technical work such as removable and implanted prosthetics ordered by a dentist. Oral Hammaslaboratorio employs approximately 40 professionals of the industry.

Oral Hammaslaboratorio is our dental laboratory specialised in prosthodontics, and its services are available nationwide. It serves both Oral’s dentists and external customers every working day of the year.  Oral Hammaslaboratorio has extensive experience and strong expertise in performing even the most demanding work. Oral Hammaslaboratorio uses cutting edge technology and is constantly up-to-date with the industry’s development. Our laboratory manufactures all kinds of dental technical products ranging from removable prosthodontics to dental implants, including removable partial dentures, fixed braces and mandibular splints for sleep apnea. Oral Hammaslaboratorio uses only high-quality materials and the most advanced technology.

Oral Hammaslaboratorio has the most experience in Finland in manufacturing all-ceramic crowns and bridges. Our dental ceramist team represents the top level of Finnish aesthetic dental ceramics.