Oral Hammaslääkärit is a pioneering market leader in its field. It is a developing and growing franchise that looks after its personnel and provides oral health care services across the nation. Oral has clinics in 40 locations around Finland and employs over 1,600 oral health care professionals. Its revenue was EUR 103 million in 2018. Oral is part of the international Colosseum Dental Group, the leading dental health care provider in Europe.The company’s beneficiary is the international charity foundation Jacobs Foundation which supports the positive development of children and adolescents.


Our dental practices perform tasks suitable for dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists and customer service personnel. Our dental laboratories employ dental technicians and laboratory assistants. In addition, our Call Centre and support services employ customer service and administrative professionals.

We make the most of flexible employment relationships. At Oral, you can work full-time, part-time or as a flexible on-demand worker. Dentists can choose whether they work for us in an employment relationship or as self-employed persons.

Our success is due to the excellent work of the competent, customer-oriented and satisfied people of Oral. The good atmosphere of our working community is also visible to our customers in the high quality of our services. Our values – Time for a smile, In capable hands and Motivation and skill – direct our activities and can be seen in our daily work.

Occupational well-being and expertise development

We invest significantly in developing our personnel’s expertise. We provide both internal and external professional training based on actual requirements. Expertise development is based on the development requirements covered in the performance appraisals. These requirements are used to create the company’s annual training program. The forms of expertise development include contact teaching, on-the-job training as well as online learning which is becoming increasingly popular. Our growing community works in small teams in an extensive social and professional network, which makes work rewarding and pleasant.

We are part of Colosseum Dental Group, which provides our staff with the opportunity to develop their international expertise.

We promote occupational well-being by developing our work, working conditions and expertise, for instance. Occupational health care and work safety also play a significant role. We encourage our employees to exercise by offering financial assistance via a sports pass and by sponsoring our employees’ participation in sporting events. Oral’s employees participated in various sporting events around Finland this year as well.

We believe that a good workplace has an open atmosphere based on trust. Everyone values their community and feels like they belong there. No one is harassed and everyone can feel safe. Everyone is also aware of the common goals and the significance of their work in meeting these goals. A good workplace has continuous and open communication.

Occupational health care is an important partner: our collaborative development supports different aspects of occupational well-being. Regular staff surveys measure the staff’s motivation and the functionality of the work community.

Oral is a great place to work

According to our recent employer image study, our staff considers Oral to be a well-respected operator in the field and appreciates the company’s investments in the latest technology. The staff also feels that their work plays a significant role in the company’s operations. One of the advantages of working at Oral is seeing the results of your work – this increases the joy of success.

Supervisory work in particular has been developed at Oral over the past few years. We want to invest in high-quality supervisory work in our entire network of clinics. Performance appraisals for supervisors have been seen as very useful.