Oral Hammaslääkärit Plc Managing Director Martin Forss, general dentist Kimmo Lahikainen and dental hygienist Varpu Waitinen of Oral Erottaja give an introduction to working at Oral. See video:


Dentists who are licensed by Valvira (the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) to be self-employed health care professionals can work at Oral either as private traders or via their own company. The agreement of starting business activity must be made in writing.

We provide our self-employed individuals with versatile administrative support services so that dentists can focus on clinical patient work. Our professional support services assist in marketing, business development, financial matters, IT issues and in various permit and contractual matters. We provide dentists and other personnel with high-quality materials that suit their needs and ensure that the dentists are supported by a competent nursing staff.

A steady flow of patients, competitive prices and an opportunity to focus on your own expertise are valued by dentists who work as self-employed individuals for us. Our cooperation with the S-Group is a benefit our customers value greatly.

Starting a business requires submitting a notification to the joint information system of the Tax Administration and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, The Business Information System. Self-employed persons are entered in the prepayment register based on their notification, and they are provided with an individual business ID. Instructions and forms can be found on the Business Information System website.

Health care professionals must submit a written notification about self-employment prior to its initiation to the Regional State Administrative Agency. The notification must be submitted to the Regional State Administrative Agency in the region where the services are primarily produced. If a practice is maintained by a company, the company in question must have the Regional State Administrative Agency’s licence for producing health care services. The licence is granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency in the region where the services are primarily produced.

According to the Patient Injuries Act, all health and medical care providers must be covered by insurance against liability arising as provided under the act. If a dentist is self-employed via a company, the patient insurance must be obtained by the company. Patient insurances can be obtained from insurance companies.

The Self-Employed Workers’ Pension Act (Yrittäjien eläkelaki, YEL) applies to dentists who work as full-time or part-time self-employed individuals or in their companies. The YEL insurance is mandatory for self-employed persons who meet the criteria set in the pension act. The insurance is personal and the insurance instalments are defined by the income of the insured entity. The pension insurance guarantees that the self-employed person is supported when the business is terminated due to disability, unemployment or old age. The self-employed person’s next of kin are supported by survivors’ pension in the event of the self-employed person’s death. Self-employed persons can also enjoy part-time pension under certain conditions.

The insurance must be obtained from a pension insurance company or a pension fund within six months of starting the business. More information can be found at Työeläke.fi. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health confirms the insurance fee annually. The fee is discounted for beginning businesses. The insurance payment to the pension insurance company or pension fund can be paid in one or more instalments. Insurance companies provide more information about other necessary insurances.

Self-employed persons are entered in the prepayment register with the Business Information System start-up notification form Y3. There are separate instructions regarding registering into the prepayment register in the instructions on filling in the form (see section above: Start-up notification). According to the Value Added Tax Act, dentists who are self-employed are exempt of the value added tax liability.