Are you looking to leave your administrative responsibilities or do you want to lighten your workload? Maybe it is time to consider retirement, but you want to ensure that your patients have continued access to high-quality treatment. Come join us! At Oral, you can focus on your clinical work while we ensure that you always have access to the latest cutting edge technology. Developing the quality of clinical care and high-quality preventive treatment are especially important to us.

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We offer you the most extensive private practice support services in the field, from a national patient information system to client acquisition. We invest significantly in marketing our services to support our dentists’ work, and there are over 50,000 new patients in our clinics every year. Additionally, our working community offers our dentists great consultation opportunities.

For your patients, we offer quick appointment booking services by phone from morning to evening, and 24 hours a day online. Your patients will have also access to the most advance electronic services in the field. Our customers also value the S-Bonus they receive from dental care purchases.

Oral has been shown to be the best-known and most valued dental health operator in Finland. Among the companies that offer private dental services, we are 37% better-known than our competitors. One in three dentists think that we are the most attractive place to work in the field. About 90% of our customers are satisfied with our services and are ready to recommend Oral to their acquaintances.

We want to be the best workplace for you. You can find our clinics here. Could your practice be one of them?

We are interested in discussing the possibility of cooperation with high-quality practices. We are also glad to share more about our operations. If you are interested in selling your dental practice, please send us your contact information with this form:

Contact form: selling your practice