Oral - Teeth for life

Accompanying you throughout your life

Our teeth should accompany us throughout our lives.Therefore, you should take good care of them.

To ensure that you can keep your teeth throughout your life, Oral makes use of the preventive dental care model: we encourage regular home dental care and also regular dental examinations by a dentist.

During a dental examination, or basic oral examination, any problems with teeth or the mouth can be detected in good time and treated before the problem becomes more difficult to treat.

In treating and preventing gum inflammation, a common national disease, the tartar removal by a dental hygienist plays an important role. If left untreated, an inflammation can be dangerous to your health because it can be transmitted in the bloodstream to other parts of the body and thus affect your overall health.

People often only visit a dentist for filling cavities. A health-promoting and more economic way is to provide preventive dental care—with good home care and regular examinations and visits to a dental hygienist, cavities will not necessarily develop at all. You can keep your teeth healthy throughout your life!

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