Oral health has many kinds of effects on our overall body health. Taking care of oral hygiene therefore promotes both your oral and your overall health.
Choose the Beautiful, healthy mouth package that best suits your needs for easy dental care.


1. Clean, healthy mouth €195

Concerned about your oral health? Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? You might have gingivitis and you should seek care.
This package can help you gain control over your oral health. Choose this package and start taking regular care of your oral health today.
– dental examination
– tartar removal by a dental hygienist
– paste cleaning
– fluoride treatment, if necessary
– comprehensive home care instructions
The price does not include other procedures you might need (e.g. X-ray images).
Kela reimbursement (€45.50) is deducted from the price. List price €213.90/221.90 before the Kela reimbursement.

2. Beautiful smile €75

Are you headed to a party, trip or an important event where you need your smile to shine? This package makes your teeth clean and shining easily and quickly.
– removal of surface stains using paste or soda cleaning/powder cleaning


3. Healthy, white teeth €498

Would you like to have whiter teeth? Are your teeth stained by smoking, red wine, coffee or tea? Do you want to have your white, radiant smile back?
A comprehensive package that includes a teeth check performed by a dentist, removal of tartar and teeth whitening using a safe and effective laser whitening method.
– dental examination
– tartar removal by a dental hygienist (45 min)
– paste cleaning
– whitening assessment
– laser whitening


What should I take into account when making the appointment?

The prices do not include costs for consultation or care by a dental specialist or X-ray images. Service charge is included in the price.
The packages are not available at Oral Rovaniemi Suusepät.