Various changes can occur in the oral mucosa; they can be light or red, smooth or bulging, painless or painful. At times, they emerge slowly on the oral mucosa, sometimes quickly. Abnormal findings can also be found in the jaw bone, such as in the form of random findings in X-rays. Often, an experienced dentist can identify the change already based on the clinical image, but a biopsy should be collected from most changes that have occurred in the oral region for a long time to verify the diagnosis.

The service process

If the change on the mucosa is minor, it is often completely removed surgically under local anaesthesia and the entire change is sent to be examined. If the change is extensive, a small biopsy is first collected from a suitable border area so that also healthy mucosa is included in the biopsy for comparing. With regard to findings in bone, a biopsy is collected surgically with a cylindrical drill, for example.

Once the diagnosis has been verified, a decision will be made on the treatment. Sometimes, follow-up is enough, while in some cases even an extensive lesion can be removed with a laser, for example.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

When the need for collecting a biopsy has been found at an appointment.