Dental care under general anaesthesia is also an excellent option for patients who are afraid of dental procedures. In surgical and extensive procedures in small children, general anaesthesia is often the only possible option to treat the child appropriately.

At Oral, dental care under general anaesthesia is available flexibly according to your own schedules. Oral’s operating rooms perform dental care under general anaesthesia on a daily basis.

The service process

The patient is placed under general anaesthesia at the beginning of the appointment before commencing the treatment procedures. The care is implemented efficiently and safely based on the individual care plan.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

In case of challenging or prolonged care, or extensive or surgical procedure on a small child. Dental care under general anesthesia is also a good option if fear of the dentist is so persistent that various familiarisation and relaxation techniques are of no help.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

For appointments and enquiries concerning dental care under general anaesthesia, please call us on 010 400 3400.
Dental care under general anaesthesia is available at the following Oral dental clinics:

Helsinki, Erottaja
Helsinki, Kamppi
Kuopio, Sektori
Lahti, Aleksanterinkatu
Lahti, Vapaudenkatu
Oulu, Galleria
Tampere, Sumeliuksenkatu
Vantaa, Tikkurila

In addition, our Tampere clinic is licensed as a hospital and has long-term experience in dental care under general anaesthesia and extensive surgical procedures.