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Orthodontics, membranes (ClearSmile)

In Clear Smile orthodontic treatment, the teeth are straightened by using clear, inconspicuous aligners.

The service process

The ClearSmile orthodontic treatment method involves individually manufactured clear aligners that are changed approximately once a week. These aligners straighten the teeth gradually. The ClearSmile orthodontic treatment can be used to correct the position of the 10 anterior teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Read more about the Clear Smile method >

Before the treatment, a dental impression is made and used to design the computer-modelled appropriate position and occlusion of the teeth. The duration of the treatment process can also be estimated quite accurately.
The easily-removable clear aligner is kept in the mouth for 22 hours a day, and it is replaced by a new one every 7–10 days. The usual duration of the treatment is 2–12 months.
Once the treatment has ended, a thin, undetectable retention wire is placed behind the teeth to ensure that the result of the treatment becomes permanent.