Root canal therapy is a treatment for inflammation of dental pulp. Root canal infection is often asymptomatic and is detected from an X-ray image. Root canal therapy usually requires multiple care visits.

The service process

When permanent dental pulp damage is detected in a tooth, the damaged tissue and any microbial growth are removed from the pulp chamber. The root canals are disinfected and treated with medication. Finally, the treated root canal is filled and the tooth is restored.

Root canal therapy usually requires multiple care visits. The individual care visits are long, but usually no more than two visits are needed. The restoration of the tooth often requires a separate visit.

If necessary, root canal therapy is always performed under local anesthesia. Sedative premedication can be administered before the therapy.

The success of root canal treatment is usually controlled within one year of the operation by clinical examination and X-ray image.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

When a dentist has determined that you need root canal therapy.

Watch specialised dentist Ulla Palotie, specialised in root canal therapy, explain the treatment: