Special expertise
  • Basic dental care
Happy to be of service
  • Patients with dental fear
Language skills
  • English
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Tampere, Hammaskeskus

I am a dentist who graduated from the University of Oulu. Patients with dental fear are close to my heart: dental fear has interested me since the start of my career, and my thesis was about treating dental fear.

I have a separate patient history form for patients with dental fear. The form delves into the causes and triggers of dental fear and its treatment. Based on this information, we plan the treatment together with the patient: the aim is to provide treatment as painlessly as possible and in a safe environment.

You can bring headphones, a stuffed toy, a friend or something else for comfort with you to the practice. If you wish, you can visit the clinic at first to familiarise yourself with the place, without any treatment procedures. It is up to you to decide whether you are ready – the treatment will be carried out on your terms.

I provide many types of comprehensive dental care. Most of the procedures that patients require can be carried out at my practice. Although I specialise in treating patients with dental fear, all patients are welcome to my practice.