Oral Hammaslääkärit Oulu, Ideapark

Our opening hours

mon-thu 8-20
fri 8-17

Our address

Ritaharjuntie 49, 90540 Oulu

Contact information

Centralized appointments tel. 010 400 3400
Pieksämäki Clinic tel. 010 400 3610

Ways of payment

Bank card, credit card and Oral financing.

Route instructions

In the Ideapark shopping centre, next to entrance A.


Free parking is available on the Ideapark grounds.

Dentists and oral hygienists

Saila Jurvakainen
Oral hygienist

My job description includes tartar, plague and stain removal, fluoride treatment and individual home care instructions and counselling. I am also trained to perform whitening treatments.

Maire Siemann
Clinic manager
Väinö Kurttila, oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Tarja Latvala
General dentist

I graduated as a dentist in 2000. In addition to basic treatments (oral examinations, tartar removal, fillings, tooth extractions, root canal therapy, occlusal splint care), I have a lot of expertise in making removable prostheses and fibre-reinforced bridges. I’m also interested in aesthetic dentistry and crowns. I  am diligent, thorough, social, energetic and efficient. I can explain dental care in plain language and also calm down patients who are afraid.

Kaisa Saarenpää
General dentist

I provide diverse basic dental care services, including check-ups, fillings, root canal therapy, gum treatments, tooth extractions, occlusal splints and removable prostheses and fixed implant prosthodontics. Treating customers who are afraid is close to my heart, because I, too, used to fear dental treatment. I have also completed additional training on this.

I want to carry out my work emphatically and take the customer into consideration. I get along well with different people and also like to treat children.

Kaisa Karjalainen, gingival diseases

I provide comprehensive basic dental care (check-ups, gum treatment, repairing treatment, tooth extraction, occlusal rehabilitation). Preventive and sustained oral health care is included in the treatments that I provide. Through careful, calm and emphatic work I hope I can also create a pleasant care experience for patients who are afraid.

I also specialise in demanding gum treatments, gum surgeries and the treatment of peri-implant inflammation.

Seija Peltoperä
General dentist

I have long experience in working as a general dentist. I perform a diverse range of dental care, such as fillings, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, gum disease treatments, prosthetics, laminates and occlusal splints.

In addition, I have experience in the treatment of children and patients who are afraid.

I hope that I can make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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