Dental examination

Dental examination, or basic oral examination, is a comprehensive oral and dental health checkup performed by a dentist.

Examination by a professional dentist enables detecting any problems and even diseases at an early stage, which makes the treatment easier, faster and cheaper.

The service process

During the first visit, the dentist and the patient review the patient’s needs and wishes regarding the patient’s teeth. The visit also involves making an individual treatment plan and cost estimate. The dentist will examine your teeth, gums and oral mucous membrane and take x-ray images, if necessary.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

One year after your previous examination or at intervals recommended by your dentist.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

If several years have passed since your latest check-up, an x-ray will be taken of your jaws in accordance with good check-up practice. The x-ray enables detecting any problems that are invisible to the naked eye. X-ray images are subject to a separate fee.