Teeth are filled because of cavities, cracked old fillings, worn down teeth and eroded enamel.

Filling teeth is still the most common job of a dentist. The most appropriate and aesthetic material is selected for the filling.

The service process

A tooth that requires filling can usually be repaired at a single dentist’s appointment.

The tooth to be filled is first numbed, because almost all people find the strident sensation caused by drilling unpleasant. Filling treatment is painless under local anaesthesia.

The dentist extracts the damaged dental tissue by drilling. The extracted tissue is replaced by filling material, such as plastic, ceramics or amalgam. You can discuss the benefits, properties and costs of different filling materials with your dentist. A tooth with severe cavities can also be crowned. Root canal therapy must be carried out before filling the tooth if the cavity has reached the core of the tooth.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

When there is a cavity in a tooth that has already been found in a dentist’s examination or you suspect that there is a cavity in your tooth.