Oral Hammaslääkärit Espoo, Tapiola

Our opening hours

mon-thu 8-20
fri 8-18

Our address

Itätuulenkuja 10 B, 02100 Espoo

Contact information

Centralized appointments tel. 010 400 3400
Tapiola Clinic tel. 010 400 3180
Fax. 010 400 3190

Ways of payment

Bank card, credit card and Oral financing.

Route instructions

Our dental office is on the second floor of Vesiputoustalo. Entrance through the main door on the pool side. By car you should navigate to Itätuulentie, which goes through a tunnel under Vesiputoustalo. By taxi the easiest access to the dental office is through the parking hall underneath Vesiputoustalo. Go in through entrance 10 B and take the elevator to the first floor. The bus stops on Merituulentie are not in use due to the metro construction work and the bus terminal has been moved to Tapionaukio.


Vesiputoustalo has its own parking hall with chargeable parking places. Access from the parking hall through entrance 10 B. 

Dentists and oral hygienists

Minna Kyllönen
General dentist

Diverse, experienced general dentist’s services. I am happy to provide aesthetic dental care and fixed prosthodontics (crowns, bridgework, laminates, ceramic fillings), including CEREC fillings. Implant prosthodontics since 1996. Including regular and surgical extractions.

Jaana Granith-Jussilainen
General dentist
Heidi Laurila
General dentist
Jyrki Vesteri
General dentist
Liisa Melartin-Segersven
General dentist
Katja Kurhela
General dentist
Jussi Itäluoto
General dentist

A friendly general dentist.

Minna Flinkman
General dentist

Calm and emphatic dental care.

Karoliina Luodesmeri-Hämäläinen
General dentist
Jarmo Lehtimäki, oral and maxillofacial surgery

Specialised dentist, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Mikko Nyman
General dentist

Diverse general dentist’s services.

Katja Narva, prosthodontics and bite physiology

Specialised dentist, prosthodontics and occlusal physiology. Aesthetic dental care, extensive occlusal rehabilitation. Implants and ceramic fillings.

Pirkko Kuoppamäki
General dentist
Riitta-Liisa Virtanen
General dentist
Roy Nykänen, orthodontics

Orthodontist. Damon technique, Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces.
Appointments only by telephone, through the centralised booking service. 

Natalja Malis
Oral hygienist
Sari Louhimo
Clinic manager
Ulla Palotie, root canal therapy

Root canal therapy.

Vesa Holappa, prosthodontics and bite physiology

Prosthodontics and bite physiology.

Enni Laasonen
Oral hygienist
Maria Lehmus
General dentist
Maria Kaartinen
Oral hygienist

Gentle dental care.
Tartar removal and gum disease treatment.
Fluoride treatment and home care instructions.
Aesthetic dental care, including stain removal, soda cleaning, laser whitening, single-treatment whitening and at-home whitening.
Attachment and removal of dental jewellery.
Patients with dental fear.

Anna Maria Heikkinen, gingival diseases

I graduated as a dentist from the University of Helsinki in 1990 and completed a doctoral degree in dentistry in 2011 (topic: Oral Health, Smoking and Adolescence). I also completed a specialised degree in clinical dental care at the University of Helsinki in 2012. I have worked as a dentist both in the public and private sector throughout my career. I also serve as a university lectures at the University of Helsinki within the scope of my field of specialisation, i.e. gum diseases. I am actively involved in different oral health promotion projects by the Finnish Dental Association, including education related to quitting smoking. Moreover, I am currently conducting research in the field of dentistry at the University of Helsinki.

Eveliina Tuovinen
Bachelor’s degree in dentistry
Jenni Kettunen
Oral hygienist
Hannu Paldan
General dentist

A versatile general dentist with broad surgical expertise.

Heidi Kuula, parodontology
Tiia Ahonen
Oral hygienist

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