Dental fear is extremely common. Up to 50 per cent of Finns are afraid of dental care, and one in every ten fears the dentist so much that they skip treatment visits. Possible reasons for dental fear include earlier painful or otherwise bad experiences. The condition of the patient’s teeth may have worsened over time, and the situation feels embarrassing and frightening.

It is important to serve patients with dental fear tactfully in order to keep the fear under control and alleviate it. This is why dental fear should be brought up at the appointment or when making the appointment. Letting the personnel know of your fear in advance enables the dentist and the nurse to treat you appropriately. Remember, you are not the only one who is afraid of the dentis!

Frequently asked questions

How could I alleviate my fear of dentists?

Conquering the fear of dentists begins from trust between the patient and the dentist. It is important to find a dentist who is experienced in treating patients with dental fear in order to build a good patient and dentist relationship.

You can discuss the ways of alleviating your personal dental fear with your care provider. For example, many find the situation more relaxing if the dentist remains calm and describes the process along the way. If entering the clinic already makes you nervous, maybe you could alleviate your fear by visiting the waiting area without an appointment.

Sedative premedication can be administered before the therapy, if needed. Sedation is also an efficient way to relax the patient and get rid of fear. Fear can also be alleviated with hypnosis treatment. In severe cases of dental fear, it might be justified to treat all the teeth during one appointment under general anaesthesia.

Local anaesthesia feels painful, what can I do?

If you are afraid of the anaesthetic injection, we can apply anaesthetic spray or gel on the injection site, which makes it virtually painless. At Oral, we always strive to perform all operations with as little pain as possible, using the available pain alleviation methods.

Dentists who specialise in patients with dental fear at Oral

When you call our appointment number (+358 (0)10 400 3400), our service advisers will guide you to a dentist who specialises in dental fear. You can also search for specialists in dental fear matters here.

It’s great that you came to our clinic despite your fear!