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Dental whitening now from EUR 150

Is your smile in need of brightening? An efficient whitening treatment by a dental hygienist will brighten your smile safely and leave you with naturally white teeth.

You now get single-treatment whitening for the price of EUR 150 (your discount EUR 68.90) and laser whitening for EUR 285 (your discount EUR 79.90).*

Laser whitening is the best option if you’re looking to have clearly whiter teeth and when a longer period of time has passed since your last whitening or if your teeth have never been whitened before. Single-treatment whitening is a great option for maintaining previous laser whitening or if your teeth are mostly in need of brightening. Please note that the whitening results are always individual.

New quick protection treatment

The final touch to any teeth whitening is a quick protection treatment, which guarantees that you will have to avoid food and drink that stains for only two hours and you can drink water immediately after the whitening. Without the quick protection treatment, you should avoid food and drink that leave stains on the teeth for two days after the whitening treatment. The price of the quick protection treatment is EUR 23.50.

Start with a free whitening assessment

Teeth whitening can only be conducted on a clean and healthy mouth. If your suitability for a whitening has not been assessed in connection with a recent appointment with a dental hygienist, book your appointment for a free whitening assessment first. In the whitening assessment, a dental hygienist examines whether the treatment is suitable and provides you with further information about the treatment.

If you have already had the assessment, you can book an appointment for laser whitening or single-treatment whitening according to what you agreed with the dental hygienist.

As always, you get Bonus with an S-Etukortti card on all of our services and home care products.


Book free whitening assessment


*Discount price of single-treatment whitening EUR 150 (incl. clinic fee of EUR 18.90), normal price EUR 198 + clinic fee EUR 18.90, your discount EUR 66.90. Discount price of laser whitening EUR 285 (incl. clinic fee of EUR 18.90), normal price EUR 344 + clinic fee EUR 18.90, your discount EUR 77.90. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. The campaign period is valid from 1st October to 30th November 2021.