Minna Törmikoski

Dental hygienist

I am a careful, diligent dental hygienist, and I am interested in the oral health of my patients. Patients of all ages are welcome to my office. My services include prevention of gum diseases, tartar removal, powder cleaning, teeth whitening, provision of self-care instructions and periodontal maintenance therapy. You can also book an appointment with me for masticatory muscle massage therapy.

At our clinic, it is possible to undergo procedures performed by a dental hygienist under sedation, such as when other dental care procedures are performed. If you feel anxious about visiting a dentist and you are interested in treatment under sedation, please place a call request so we can discuss your treatment in more detail. There are various types of anaesthesia available.

Good oral health is an integral part of general health and good quality of life.

Language skills

  • Finnish

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