Tero Siirilä

General dentist

Tero Siirilä

General dentist

30 years of experience as a dentist.

  • Patients with dental fear: As a person with a low pain threshold, I love to help patients with dental fear.
  • NUKKULA – mandibular advancement devices: Help is available if your snoring disturbs the well-being of your loved ones or yourself. First, book a free-of-charge consultation to examine whether the Nukkula mandibular advancement device would be a good fit. Currently, I only provide Nukkula devices in Finland. The prognosis is good.

  • Aesthetic dental care: aesthetic correction and shaping using filling material or various ceramic solutions. Honing to correct the shape of teeth.

  • Correction of missing teeth: implant teeth, crowns, bridges and different types of removable prosthesis.

  • Basic dental care: Check-ups and Periosafe tests, aches, hole and chip corrections, root canal therapy.

Special expertise

  • Basic dental care
  • Treatment for missing teeth
  • Aesthetic dental care
  • Ceramic fillings and crowns
  • Fillings and root canal therapy

Happy to be of service

  • Patients with dental fear
  • The elderly
  • Children and youth
  • Special needs

Language skills

  • English
  • Finnish

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