Oral’s occupational dental care, Oral Terveysetu, is an arrangement where companies pay the total or a part of their employees’ annual dental care costs. Occupational dental care is a tax-deductible expense for the company and a tax-free benefit for the employee. Dental care is a part of maintaining general health and work capability, and if the care is regular, it costs less time and money.

A tax-deductible expense for the employer

Ordinary dental care performed as occupational dental care services is a tax-deductible expense for the company and a tax-free benefit for the employee. In addition, the expenses for the company are lower due to the company’s health insurance’s Kela compensation for dental care.

Company-specific extent of services

The extent and arrangement of Oral Terveysetu care services are flexible and can always be agreed upon to meet the company’s requirements.

An occupational dental care agreement requires that the company has made a decision to offer its employees occupational dental care in writing. The decision shall indicate the scope of the dental care services covered, and the benefit must be of ordinary nature, moderate in cost and cover the entire staff. Under these conditions, the company can autonomously define the procedures covered.

Occupational dental care benefits companies and their staff

Companies benefit from Oral Terveysetu as the number of sick leaves due to dental diseases decreases and their valuable working hours are not spent on queuing for dental care. Employees are more satisfied as their employer looks after their well-being.

Arranging dental care commits the personnel to regular dental care, makes usage of time more efficient, decreases the number of sick leaves and improves overall work performance.

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