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Assessment of the need for orthodontics, membranes (Invisalign)

In the free of charge assessment of the need for orthodontic treatment performed with aligners, you will receive an assessment on the condition of your mouth and teeth and a plan for necessary procedures.

No braces needed when teeth straightening with clear, unnoticeable and removable aligners.

Treatment benefits are comfort and speed. You can remove the aligners anytime—for example, when eating

Teeth straightening with aligners is generally chosen for aesthetic reasons.

Invisalign aligners

The service process

An orthodontist or a general dentist who is specialised in aligner straightening evaluates the suitability for aligner treatment.

Two treatment methods used for Invisalign straightening: Invisalign Go is suitable for the aesthetic treatment of the front teeth. Invisalign Full is suitable for the treatment of demanding orthodontic straightening and malocclusion.

During the assessment appointment, a treatment plan is made for the necessary procedures. You can use the plan to make a decision to start teeth straightening treatment and make an appointment for the first procedure.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

The assessment appointment does not bind you to any further treatments. The cost of the service is determined by the duration of the visit and whether the assessment is done by a general or a specialised dentist.

During the appointment, only the suitability of using aligners for teeth straightening is determined. If you are considering treatment other than aligner straightening treatment, book an appointment here Assessment of the need for orthodontics.