Orthodontics, traditional braces

Orthodontic treatment with traditional fixed braces

The most common reason for having orthodontic treatment is malocclusion. Malocclusion may prevent the ability to chew properly and often causes pains and aches in the head and facial area. Orthodontic treatment is often carried out with fixed braces. The patient cannot personally remove fixed braces.

The service process

The treatment starts with metal or white/translucent ceramic attachments fixed to the surface of the teeth. Rings installed around the tooth can also be used. An arch wire is fixed to the attachments and the rings.

Teeth can either be moved by means of the arch wire or the teeth may travel along the arch wire by means of rubber bands or springs.

At this point in the treatment, the patient has an average of one orthodontic appointment per month to monitor the progress of the treatment and activate the equipment that is positioning the teeth.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

If your dentist diagnoses a need for orthodontic treatment and the treatment is decided to be carried out using fixed braces.