Treatment need assessment for oral mucosal diseases

Changes in oral mucous membranes can be a sign of oral mucosal disease or oral cancer. The changes should be shown to a dentist if they do not heal on their own within two weeks.

There can be several types of lesions and diseases in the oral mucosa. The most common conditions include oral lichen planus, which causes reticular mucosal lesions, various fungal infections and leukoplakia, or precursors of cancer of oral mucosal. Inflammatory bowel diseases can also be detected in the mouth. The lesion can often be a harmless ulcer, blister or gingival hypertrophy. In addition, several common diseases can generate lesions, such as ulcers, in the oral mucosa.

The service process

The status of the oral mucosa is examined and a diagnosis is made at an appointment. If necessary, the mucosal lesion is biopsied, or a tissue sample is extracted. If necessary, a plan for the treatment and monitoring of the mucosal lesion is made at an appointment. If the mucosal lesion is caused by an underlying condition, the patient is directed to receive treatment from a specialist.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

If you have an oral mucosal lesion which has not healed in two weeks.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

The service is not available at every clinic.