Lilia Karttinen

Dental hygienist

Lilia Karttinen

Dental hygienist

I do my work in a calm and empathetic manner and have several years of work experience. I have treated customers of all ages. Due to my versatile work experience, I am able to form an overall picture of the customer’s situation and the treatment they need by discussing the situation together with the customer.

I am a diligent, gentle and attentive dental hygienist. I take my customers’ concerns and fears seriously and always try to help them to the best of my ability. I aim to provide high-quality and gentle treatment that takes the customer’s wishes and needs into account.

My services include tartar removal, prevention of gum diseases and maintenance treatment, soda cleaning, teeth whitening and providing self-care guidance. I do not have the authority to administer local anaesthesia, but I can provide my patients with analgesic gel. I also provide fluoride treatment, implant cleaning, stitch removal, tooth gem attachment, X-ray imaging and minor orthodontic procedures. 

I warmly welcome you to my practice!

Special expertise

  • Aesthetic dental care
  • Gingival diseases

Happy to be of service

  • Patients with dental fear
  • The elderly
  • Children and youth
  • Special needs

Language skills

  • English
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Russian

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