Dental care with sedation

Sedation can be used in the treatment of patients with fear of the dentist and in connection with prolonged dental care procedures, for example.

Sedation refers to medicinal relaxation administered by an anaesthesiologist for dental procedures. It is used, for example, for removing care-related fear and in connection with prolonged treatment procedures.

Sedation is very safe and easy to administer. You need not be afraid of it, and the administration of sedation is not painful. It is also known as “conscious sedation”; the patient is not fully asleep but in “twilight sleep”. Care with sedation is not a new treatment method; it has been used for treating patients successfully for years.

Dental care with sedation relaxes the patient effectively. It makes the calm and drowsy and removes anxiety very effectively and quickly. The medicines used in sedation very often result in the patient not remembering much about what happened during the treatment. This is often a positive thing.

You will get reimbursed by Kela for the costs of sedation dentistry.

The service process

Sedation dentistry is carried out by an experienced and friendly anaesthesiologist who is very familiar with sedation. The physician administering the sedation will discuss the patient’s wishes and previous experience and the patient’s general condition, medications etc. with the patient before the procedure. This interview can be carried out when planning the patient’s sedation dentistry, when the patient presents or by telephone.

The patient is under the supervision of the anaesthesiologist throughout the treatment, and the level of sedation can be adjusted during the procedure. Children are given oral premedication 10–15 minutes before administering the actual sedation and commencing dental care procedures.

Dental care with sedation can be carried out very comfortably in a good atmosphere. The aim is to create a very cosy and relaxing atmosphere in the care setting. Each patient is treated as an individual and their wishes are listened to; for example, you can bring your own MP3 player or CDs to listen to during the procedure.

Recovering from sedation is very quick, and the patient can leave for home with an escort about an hour after the procedure is complete, depending on how they are feeling.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

Sedation is a good option whenever the patient wants. Sedation is well suited for the following situations, among others:

  • The patient is afraid or anxious of dental procedures for some reason.
  • Prolonged procedures have been planned for the patient. Under sedation, even long procedures, lasting 1–2 hours, can be performed well.
  • Several fillings and tooth extractions have been planned for the patient. With sedation, it is possible to avoid several recurring visits.
  • Restoration of all teeth has been planned for the patient for dentures.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

Sedation can be administered to those aged 12 or above.