Dental X-ray

Oral and dental X-ray examinations are an important diagnostic tool for the dentist in order to plan and monitor the patient’s treatment.

Dental X-ray allows for examinations of dental diseases that may otherwise be difficult to spot and for planning of treatment. An X-ray combined with a thorough dental examination by a dentist are the basis of reliable diagnostics and high-quality dental care.

Tooth X-ray

A tooth X-ray (bitewing or periapical radiograph) can create an image of one tooth or several teeth that are next to each other. These small-scale X-ray images can be used to diagnose cavities between the teeth, for example.

X-ray of the entire jaw

Panoramic dental X-ray, i.e. X-ray imaging of the whole jaw, is one the most typical X-ray imaging techniques for teeth and the mouth. It gives an overview of the teeth and jaw. X-ray of the whole jaw is also known as panoramic dental X-ray or panoramic radiograph.

An X-ray of the entire jaw makes it possible to detect infections inside the jaw bone, which are usually invisible to the eye. It facilitates the planning of the treatment, such as tooth extraction and implant treatment. X-ray can also reveal unerupted wisdom teeth.

In the planning of orthodontics, a lateral skull image may also be used.

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)

CBCT creates an exact, three-dimensional image of the target area. CBCT imaging is suitable for situations where more information on the condition of teeth and the jaw area is needed. It is also used for planning implant treatment, for wisdom teeth diagnostics and for examination of trauma to the teeth and jaw.

Your dentist can refer you to an X-ray

The dentist decides on the need for and method of X-ray imaging on a case-by-case basis. In other words, X-ray imaging always requires a referral from a dentist or a physician. The examination often takes place during a visit to the dentist.

What should I take into account when booking an appointment?

You can make an appointment for X-ray imaging only if you have a valid referral to X-ray.