Occlusal splint

Different disorders and injuries of the masticatory system can be treated with an occlusal splint.

An occlusal splint is a guard for upper or lower teeth that prevents damage to teeth and temporomandibular joints and treats masticatory system problems. The splint also relaxes the occlusive muscles and balances the occlusion.

An occlusal splint can help with masticatory problems, such as grinding at night, biting, headache or facial pain. A personal occlusal splint is the most common treatment for malocclusion, and it can prevent issues such as dental wearing and temporomandibular joint problems.

The service process

The dentist makes a model of your teeth, to be used for making the personal occlusal splint. The splint is made at the dental lab according to the dentist’s instructions, using either poly(methyl methacrylate) or Eclipse thermoplastic material. The dentist ensures that the splint fits. An occlusal splint should have a balanced occlusion and it should not move or feel tight. The splint should feel smooth and be of the right height.

If you have an occlusal splint, take it with you when you go to the dentist, so that your dentist can check the fit, occlusion, wear and any cracks in the splint.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

If you grind or bite your teeth together continuously, you might need an occlusal splint. The dentist assesses the necessity of the service.