Orthodontics, membranes (Invisalign)

Invisaling is an invisible orthodontics aligner made from clear plastic.

Orthodontics, membranes (Invisalign)

Invisaling is an invisible orthodontics aligner made from clear plastic.

Invisalign is an undetectable straightening method that uses clear and removable aligners.

The service process

1. Check-up and assessment appointment

Basic examination
Comprehensive treatment plan
You’ll receive a treatment plan and an assessment of the suitability of the Invisalign method for you. Based on the plan, you can make a decision on the treatment and book an appointment for an iTero 3D imaging session.

2. 3D scan and outcome prognosis

Making precision dental casts
iTero 3D imaging
ClinCheck demonstration
An imaging is performed on your teeth or a precision dental cast is made and scanned with the 3D scanner. The images are used to compile a ClinCheck video, which is sent to you 2–3 weeks after the imaging, giving you an indication of how your smile will look after the treatment. The Invisalign aligners to be replaced every two weeks are prepared based on the plan.

3. Aligner treatment initiation

Replaceable aligners
Appointments every 1–2 months
You will receive individually customised Invisalign aligners made of thin plastic 4–6 weeks after the 3D imaging. The aligners are clear and undetectable, and you can remove them when you are eating or cleaning your teeth. The surfaces of a few teeth are equipped with attachments to ensure that the teeth move.
The orthodontic treatment lasts for about 7–24 months, depending on the objective of the treatment.

4. Speed up your treatment with Acceledent

Acceledent is a device that speeds up the straightening process with the help of vibrations that increase the movement of your teeth and accelerate your treatment. With the help of this additional treatment, the Invisalign treatment process can become even 30–50% faster.

5. Tooth cleaning and whitening

During your treatment, you can visit a dental hygienist to have your teeth cleaned. The possible whitening is recommended to be performed only after the orthodontic treatment.

6. End of the treatment

Vivera retainers and retention wires

Straightening teeth is faster than the treatment of malocclusion. The orthodontic treatment must be carried out according to the plan. At the end of the Invisalign treatment, you will receive a Vivera retainer or an adhesive support wire in order to maintain the outcome of the treatment. First, you must use the Vivera retainer continuously for two weeks, after which you need to use it only when sleeping.

The optional phases of the treatment are phases 4 and 5, other phases are necessary.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

If you require an undetectable orthodontic treatment method and your dentist has determined that the method is suitable for you.


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