Anni Lepäntalo

Dental Specialist

I am a dentist specialised in gum diseases. I am also familiar with oral mucosa diseases. I treat periodontal disease in teeth and implants. I also perform small surgical procedures, such as removal of gingival hyperplasia, gingival recession correction and oral mucosa biopsies.

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation. Gum and periodontal tissue diseases can also advance without any symptoms. There is a proven link between gum diseases and many general diseases, so it is important to regularly examine the condition of the gums. Any changes in the oral mucosa should also be checked by a professional and, if need be, further diagnosed with the help of a biopsy.

Special expertise

  • Oral pathology
  • Gingival diseases

Happy to be of service

  • Patients with dental fear
  • The elderly
  • Children and youth

Language skills

  • English
  • Finnish

Clinics to a specialist Anni Lepäntalo

Espoo, Iso Omena
Piispansilta 9 A, 02230 Espoo

Helsinki, Lauttasaari
Lauttasaarentie 6, 00200 Helsinki