Dental implant

A dental implant can be used to replace a missing tooth. The result looks natural and it feels the same as your own teeth.

Dental implants are approximately one centimetre long, narrow titanium screws that are attached to the jaw bone in a surgical procedure.The visible part of the tooth, a porcelain crown, is fixed to the implant. Dental implants are suitable for practically everyone. Implants look and feel like real teeth and can last for a lifetime if appropriately cared for.

The service process

A free-of-charge dental implant consultation or a dentist’s assessment on the need for care in connection with a different appointment

1. Oral and dental examination

Includes: Dental examination, comprehensive jaw X-ray and thorough planning of treatment.

2. Extraction of the bad tooth

Instructions for treating the wound, installing a temporary tooth
Installing a new dental implant requires that the gums around the missing or bad tooth are healthy. If it is better for your treatment to wait until the gums heal, you do not need to live without a tooth. If you wish, we can install a temporary tooth. After the tooth extraction, you will get a bag of ice and a prescription for painkillers, if necessary.

3. Installation of the dental implant, i.e. artificial root

Installation of the dental implant, installation of the temporary tooth, instructions for home care.
The gum is surgically opened and an artificial root made of titanium is screwed into place in the jaw bone under local anaesthesia. You will receive personal instructions for home care.Usually, the swelling subsides in 2–3 days.

Installing an implant is a quick, easy and painless procedure. It is performed under local anaesthesia. If necessary, patients can be prescribed an efficient painkiller medication and antibiotic treatment. Many are positively surprised when there is no post-surgical pain at all.

4. Treatment and whitening appointment with a dental hygienist (optional)

The mouth is cleaned and the teeth are whitened.
Our dental hygienist recommends whitening after the installation of the dental implant just before attaching the permanent tooth. This also enables you to whiten the stains caused by the mouthwash used after the installation.

5. Follow-up X-ray and casting and colour grading of the new tooth

A follow-up and colour grading appointment with a dentist.Before installing the permanent tooth, we take an X-ray to ensure the correct position and ossification of the dental implant.

Preparation of the new tooth (6–8 weeks from installing the dental implant). Our technician prepares a tooth or teeth to perfectly match your jaw.

6. Installation of the implant crown

Installation of the new tooth i.e. implant crown that feels like your own tooth.

7. Follow-up appointment with one of our specialised dentists

Follow-up appointment with one of our specialist dentists to check the new tooth and occlusion.

8.Follow-up appointment with a dental hygienist (optional)

Follow-up appointment with a dental hygienist to check the new tooth and overall oral well-being.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

When you are missing one or more teeth and wish to replace them with an implant.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

The free-of-charge implant consultation must be carried out unless the consultation was provided in connection with a different appointment.