Implant consultation

You will receive a plan for necessary procedures to replace a missing tooth.

A missing tooth can be replaced by a dental implant that looks and feels like a real tooth. We offer a free implant consultation appointment with a general dentist.

The service process

You will receive an assessment on the condition of your teeth and a plan for necessary procedures.You can then make a decision on the treatment and book an appointment for the first procedure. The implant consultation does not bind you to any treatments.

More information about the implant treatment process.

When should I make an appointment for this service?

When a tooth is missing, and no implant assessment has been carried out during other visits.

What should I take into account when making the appointment?

There is no age limit for implant treatment, but the treatment cannot be carried out on children and adolescents until they have stopped growing.

Smoking, diabetes, rheumatic diseases and certain medications may affect the prognosis for implant treatment.

Bone loss in the jaw bone may make the installation of a tooth implant more difficult. In most cases, this can be fixed with a bone graft.

Free implant consultation is not available at Porvoo and Qmedical Pikku Huopalahti clinics.

The free implant consultation does not bind you to any treatments.