Children’s dental care

A growing child’s mouth requires constant care at home and regular checkups by a dentist and oral hygienist. We offer special expertise for children’s dental care problems from babies onward. Our competence extends from preventive care to advanced corrective dental care, not forgetting treatment for children’s accidents involving the teeth. We also treat developmental disorders of the teeth. In the field of corrective care of milk teeth, we also perform crowning and pulpotomy (root canal therapy for milk teeth) using state-of-the-art techniques.

Examining and treating children requires enthusiasm, familiarity with children, a positive attitude and experience in working with children. Both our pedodontists, Heikki Alapulli and Krista Brander-Aalto, have several years of clinical experience in children’s dental care.

Sometimes, ordinary dental care does not come off well in children or the care is too extensive considering the patient's age; in these cases, dental care under general anesthesia is an option. We will create a care plan based on a thorough examination of the teeth and jaws, taking into account the special requirements of mouths and jaws that are still growing and developing. If necessary, we collaborate with orthodontists. Our aim is to make sure that a child may grow up with as healthy teeth as possible without any dental fear.

Child at the clinic

The care event of a child patient differs from that of an adult patient. The age and maturity of a child need to be taken into consideration in the meeting; a new situation and place, strange odors and loud noises make a small patient feel nervous, even scared. The care event should be made as painless, comfortable and peaceful as possible to avoid them being left with bad memories of visiting the dentist. It is possible to take a look at the dentist’s instruments together with the child beforehand, and using a handheld mirror the child is able to see what is going on in his or her mouth. Usually, a longer appointment is booked for the care of child patients, and for very fearful child patients, the care event can take place with the help of sedatives or general anesthesia.


Developing denture


The denture of a growing and still developing child differs from the denture of an adult patient. Depending on the child’s age, it is possible that the teeth have not erupted at all, or there can be different development phases of the first denture, the so-called milk teeth, or of permanent teeth. As the development and maturation of denture is known quite well, a certain sort of situation in denture can be expected in each age. If the situation of the child’s denture differs greatly from the average, additional examinations should be performed in order to detect any abnormalities in the eruption of the teeth early and be able to intervene at an early stage.


Treatment of dental caries in children


The structure of milk teeth differs from that of permanent teeth. In milk teeth, the enamel that protects the tooth is thinner, and dental decay progresses more quickly. The progress of dental decay can be slowed or even stopped with the help of preventive measures and good home care. Fluoride application conducted by a dentist repairs and hardens the enamel. The deep crevices of the biting surfaces of the teeth, known as fissures, are difficult to clean and bacteria easily accumulate in them. Surfacing of the biting surfaces, or sealing of fissures, effectively prevents the emergence of caries on the surfaced areas. Due to the differences in the structure of the teeth, the treatment of a milk tooth with a cavity differs from the treatment of a permanent teeth. The inflamed pulp of a tooth with advanced decay is removed through pulpotomy, and often an extensively decayed milk tooth is covered with a steel crown.




Children who move a lot and are generally active, are at an increased risk of accidents that also damage the teeth. The treatment of injuries often requires cooperation between several dental specialists, often in addition to a dentist specialized in children’s dental care also an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and radiologist. In case of an injury, treatment should be sought immediately in order to minimize the damage.


Straightening of the teeth


When children see their dentist, their biting is monitored and in case of any abnormalities the child is referred to teeth straightening (orthodontics).

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