Tooth whitening

Many ways of bleaching teeth are available to a dentist or dental hygienist, depending on the cause of the stains. An ultrasonic scaler, also used in removing tartar, effectively removes stains caused by food, drinks and smoking, as do soda cleansing and paste cleansing performed with a pumice-containing paste and a rotating rubber cup. If the removal of stains is not enough to achieve the desired results, the teeth can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide.

In-office tooth whitening takes 75 minutes, during which the upper and lower front teeth are cleaned, the gums and mucous membranes are protected with cotton and a bleaching gel is applied to the surfaces of the teeth for 10 to 15 minutes. After a single whitening treatment performed at the clinic, the teeth look cleaner and brighter, i.e. become whiter by approximately one shade compared to the initial color. A clear change in color can be seen after the second whitening. The whitening result can also be improved by at-home whitening performed in addition to in-office bleaching,

The whitening package includes the in-office whitening, at-home whitening trays made by the dental laboratory and an at-home whitening tube. The first appointment is required for the in-office whitening and taking of a cast, based on which a dental technician makes personal at-home whitening trays. After about a week, the at-home trays are ready for use with the at-home whitening tube. One tube is enough for approximately five at-home whitening treatments, with one treatment taking 1 to 4 hours or even overnight, depending on the strength of the gel.

The result of the whitening depends on how much you use staining substances, such as coffee, tea or red wine. Studies have not indicated tooth whitening to have any adverse impacts on dental health. However, oral health should be good prior to whitening. Therefore, defective fillings and gum inflammations should be treated prior to tooth whitening. One should also note that the bleach does not have an effect on prosthetic crowns of filling materials. Whitening is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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