Patients with dental fear and dental care under general anesthesia

What causes dental fear?

There are many reasons for the fear of the dentist. Some people are afraid of suffocation, while others dread the strange sounds and smells of a dental clinic. In some people, previous painful or otherwise bad experiences of treatment have triggered a fear of going to the dentist, many remember visits to the dentist decades ago. Dentistry is continuously developing at an incredible rate, and modern machines and local anesthesia methods guarantee painless and comfortable treatment for the patient. Regardless of dental fear, it is worthwhile to seek treatment regularly. The more often the mouth is cared for, the smaller the procedures required.

Can I have an effect on my visit to the dentist?

When booking an appointment with the dentist, always mention of any dental fear. Additional time will be reserved for treating a patient with fears. The first visit can be used for just planning the future care event. We always aim to perform all procedures as painlessly as possible, using appropriate local anesthesia. If necessary, sedative premedication can also be given before the treatment.

When is dental care under general anesthesia necessary?

Oral also offers the possibility of dental care under general anesthesia. Dental care under general anesthesia is an excellent option for patients who are afraid of dental procedures. Dental fear is often so persistent that different procedure and relaxation techniques do not alleviate it. Under general anesthesia, the treatment can be given effectively and safely according to an individual care plan.

General anesthesia is also necessary in children's dental care and extensive treatment procedures that take a long time. Several procedures can be performed at once during the general anesthesia. An anesthesiologist is always present during the anesthesia to monitor the vital functions. We provide dental care under general anesthesia on a daily basis at Oral.

Our operating rooms perform dental care under general anesthesia on a daily basis. We are able to offer our patients of dental care under general anesthesia care flexibly and according to a customized schedule.




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