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Our fees also accumulate the S-Etukortti bonus, which can be up to 5%. We accept the most common bank cards and credit cards, or your can choose Oral financing, which allows you to pay for your dental care in instalments. Read more: Oral financing.

Prices for the most common dental treatments

* You need to present your KELA card to prove your eligibility for social security and National Health Insurance in Finland.



* Price after Kela reimbursement

Dental examination  63-66  47,5-50,5
Tartar removal by dental hygienist (20-60 min) 91-179 83-161
Dental x-ray  46-54 40-48
OPT 88  79
CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) 240-520  
Small- large filling 83-165 73-146
Crown  203 180
Small -large 328-673  
Root canal treatments    
The  price is based on the time the treatment takes. It includes anaesthesia, x-rays, fillings and different steps of the root canal treatment. You get your individual cost estimate from your dentist.    
Prices for the steps of the root canal treatment    
Opening and enlargement of the root canals 121-259 111-236
Filling of the root canal 99-203 90-184
Tooth extraction  99-168 89-158 
Tooth extraction by surgeon 313-548 271-486 
Malocclusion treatment    
Malocclusion treatment visit 62-188   56-167
Dental guard: making and adjusting (only dentists treatment, no laboratory expenses) 287 260
The price estimate which  includes dentists treatment and fabrication of the guard in dental laboratory  477- 536  
Anaesthesia 25 22
Prosthetic crown (The price includes dentists treatment and dental laboratory expenses)  845-970  
Dental implant


Veneer  700 >  
Beautiful, healthy mouth packages     
1. Clean, healthy mouth 195  
2. Beautiful smile 75  
3. Whitening consultation free of charge  
4. Healthy, white teeth 498  
Tooth bleachings    
Tooth bleaching consultation  free of charge  
Laser bleaching  339  
Home bleaching  320 - 450  
Stain removal  68-94  
Rehabilitation massage for occlusal muscles 59 - 132  
Service fee*  15,90  


Our fees accumulate the S-Etukortti bonus, which can be up to 5%.

Please note that exact price can be defined only by dentist or dental hygienist at the examination visit. When extensive treatment is needed, we make an individual treatment plan and cost estimate. Fees for specialist dentist treatments are 30% higher. Fees for services on Saturdays will be 16% higher.

Esthetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening prices include VAT 24%

KELA - reimbursements of the costs of private medical treatment: Dental care

* Service fee is added to the price. 

We accept the most common bank cards and credit cards and also Oral financing.

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